View Full Version : Where to buy a loooong AquaBus Cable

08/24/2010, 07:46 AM
Where does everyone get their cables from? I was going to have one run from the tank to the sump room in the basement, so I think I'll need~30 feet of the stuff.

I know we cant just go buying any USB cable so where does everyone recommend?


08/24/2010, 07:56 AM
USB cables have a maximum length of 15 ft. I would recommend going to monoprice and getting their usb extension cables that transfer USB to Cat 6 network cable & then back.
then you can go much longer than 15 ft then.
The only other way woul dbe get a few and put them end to end.

08/24/2010, 08:13 AM
Hmm.... I'll look into the monoprice idea.

I didnt think we could do the 15 foot USB because of some power issue? I dont know...

The problem is that the fish tank is going to be on the first floor at the front of the house, and the sump is going to be in the basement at the rear of the house. I need the Apex and an EB* by the tank to control the Vortechs, the lights and the lunar lights.... but obviously still have all the sump components to think about.

08/24/2010, 08:45 AM
A great source for custom length USB cables is firewire.com, but keep in mind the Aquabus and Apex are NOT USB devices so you can use cables much longer than the max USB spec of 15', but you have to make sure you order a cable without repeaters or boosters every 15 feet, which is only required for USB applications.

It cost me about $50 for a 95' cable.

08/24/2010, 08:47 AM

I'll check it out.

08/24/2010, 10:38 AM

You can get custom cables of any length here. You want both ends to be 'Male - A'. Also, as stated before no boosters or repeaters. You are not limited to length other than a total of your Aquabus of 200'. This is not USB - just uses the USB cable format.

08/24/2010, 10:55 AM
I assume that you just include a note that says no repeaters? I mocked up a custom cable using their program for a 40 foot cable with the Male A ends... but for the connection?

I sort of assumed that this was something I didnt want (repeater?)? Or do I want the one or the other of the connections.

08/24/2010, 11:47 AM
No repeaters or boosters anywhere on the cable. The problem is the Neptune system is a 12v system. True USB is 5v which is what a repeater would do. That will fry the circuitry in the Neptune modules. So just a straight through cable with Male-A ends (both).

As far as how to join the cables, I don't know there's really a difference one way or the other (ferrite vs. 'flex fusion'). Someone more knowledgeable on USB might chime in but since this really isn't used for USB signaling, I don't think it matters. Those aren't repeaters.