View Full Version : Randall's or Resplendent Anthias???

09/03/2010, 02:41 PM
So, a few months ago I ordered 5 Resplendent Anthias from BZ. They did great for me and are still doing awesome. They are beautiful and fully colored, however, they dont look exactly like the pictures of the Resplendents i've seen pictures of. I finally got some decent pictures of my anthias and I want to see what you guys think... Are these Resplendent or Randalls Anthias???




09/03/2010, 03:03 PM
Great looking fish!

The difference between resplendents and randall's anthias is mostly color. The ones you have look to be more red than pink which is consistent with the resplendents. They also appear to have more of the classic up turned mouth of the resplendents. Hope that helps.

09/03/2010, 05:14 PM
Ok cool. I saw you guys had some randalls available and I have been thinking of adding 6 to 10 more and I love whatever I have but it doesn't look like the resplendent pictures I've seen. Id say they are a light red/pink that fades to a little yellow near the dorsal fin and in the. Right light you can see a slight red streak horizontally along its body... any thoughts?

Im also thi king of adding sunset anthias instead of more resplendents...what do you think?