View Full Version : Scallop?

09/10/2010, 09:33 AM

While looking around my 120g reef, look what I found lurking in an unused bulkhead. I think the bulkhead was once the return line but it has been sealed off. I bought the tank used about a year ago.

Anyway, the critter living in the bulkhead looks like a baby flame scallop. It is about the size of a dime. I don't know how it can live there because every feeding or water change it is high and dry for awhile.

I am also posting a pic of my Christmas Tree rock. I could swear the number of feather worms has doubled since I bought it.

Sorry about the coraline. I can't stay ahead of it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to clean it off of acrylic? I have a Hammerhead magnet, but even that won't touch it.