View Full Version : DI resin has short life

09/13/2010, 10:06 PM
I just bought a color changing DI for my Ocean Reef +1 The color is almost all the way changed and I have only made about 65 gallons of water.. What gives?? This is the second time it has done this. Am I doing something wrong..

09/13/2010, 11:29 PM
Without a doubt you have low pH tap water which is high in CO2. CO2 can cause rapid DI exhaustion and has no tds reading. It is not uncommon to only get about 60 gallons of pure water before exhaustion regardless of after RO tds when high CO2 is present. Not much you can do about it, make RO water run an airstone in it for eight hours to bubble off the CO2 then pass it through the DI or bite the bullet on resin. Most customers say bubbling off the CO2 is to much work but it is reported to increase resin capacity by about three times.