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09/19/2010, 03:46 PM
In Sync or Anti-Sync mode the pump's outlet settup screen asks for a max intensity. Does this setting override the Master pump's intensity setting? If I have the Master in reefCrest at 75% intensity, does setting the Slave at 100% mean it will run harder than the Master or 100% of what the master tells it to do?

09/20/2010, 05:21 PM

09/20/2010, 07:13 PM
I asked the same question and at the time the WMX came out and I don't think anyone knew the answer. So I setup separate anti-sync profiles for each master profile and set the intensity level the same as the master. I would like to know also as I could just set the slave in anti-sync all the time.

09/20/2010, 11:29 PM
I pretty much did the same thing - assumed the setting overrides the Master's intensity setting and set the salve sync to the max intensity I wanted it to run at. This doesn't make sense to me though since the idea of "slave" is to be subject to direction from another pump, not to have a mind of it's own, but I didn't want to risk a sand storm when syncing the slave at 100% to a master that goes into 25% mode at night.

I may not have time tomorrow, but I will call or email Curt.

09/24/2010, 09:24 AM
I spoke with Curt and there appears to be some uncertainty on this point. So...

I did a test and confirmed that the intensity value in a Sync profile sets the limit for the slave pump. It does not override the value set or limited by the master's intensity value. So set a master in ReefCrest at 25% max intensity and the slave at 100% and they will both operate at a max of 25%. However, set the master's mode profile to 100% and the Sync profile to 15% and the master will hit 100%, but the slave will be limited to 15%.

Technically, I cannot rule out that the max value of the salve in Sync mode, say set at 15%, isn't limiting the master signal to 15% of whatever the signal is, but that is probably not too important for most situations as the difference between 15% of an 80% signal (as an example) vs. 15% of the slaves 100% max, is pretty close to the same (i.e. 15% vs. 12%). Same thing if the Master is at 15% and the salve is set at 80% max. It will run at either 15%, or 80% of 15%. However, this might be relevant in variable master modes, such as ReefCrest where then master might be ramping between ~20% and 100% (if intensity is set to 100%), but a slave set in sync at, say, 20%, might either ramp between some lower value and 25%, or hit 25% and pretty much stay there - effectively running in constant mode. I'll see if I can model this and see what is happening.

In any case the important conclusion is that the sync intensity value does not override the masters profile mode intensity value, so most people would likely want their sync intensity to be set at 100%.

09/24/2010, 10:50 AM
Larry - I know you were just giving an hypothetical example in your post but the 15% is not attainable with either the MP40 or MP20. They will not go below their minimum GPH - it's a software limitation from EcoTech. So if the MP40's minimum is 1000gph and the max is 3,200gph then roughly 30% is the minimum it will go. You can try and set it lower but the driver software will stop at the 1000gph.

09/24/2010, 12:47 PM

Yes, it was just a hypothetical and I am aware that there is a lower limit on speed - though I didn't know what that limit was. Thanks for reminding me.

Interestingly, however, I used 15% and 30% settings during the tests and I am pretty sure there was a noticeable difference - using the infallible hand-in-front-of the pump method. I wasn't intentionally testing the lower limits, but I did think I detected a noticeable difference.

I'll test this again.

09/24/2010, 02:27 PM
See this thread, specifically posts #3 and #7 by Tim from EcoTech :


Other than the VorTech night mode which the WXM doesn't yet support, you can't get the pumps below their minimum speed. If you look at the specs on the pumps, they don't say they can run from 100gph to 3,200gph and if they could, I'm sure they would mention it. It may feel like it goes slower but I think 1000gph is it.