View Full Version : Need to lower ALK??

tony varrell
09/25/2010, 09:41 AM
I need to lower my ALK from 12.32 on a LaMott test kit to a more natural level of say 8. Ho should i don this safely?

Ca 440
mag 1350

What would cause my ALK to rise to this level anyway? I do not dose anything except Kalk with my ATO water and use a CA reactor with Roughly 1.5 drips per minute.

generally I would not be to concerned with this high ALK but I am preparing to put ecopak pellets on line and do not want to risk the potential for burnt tips on my SPS..

09/25/2010, 11:38 AM
Saturated kalk water and calcium reactor will add alk as well as calcium. For about every 7 ppm calcium they add to your tank water they will also increase the alk by 1 dKH. So if your test kits are correct, you are overdosing one or the other.

It is best to stop your calcium reactor and stop dosing kalk water until your alk level drops to where you need it. Then restart dosing kalk water & I would cut back on your calcium reactor output. If you find your alk level drops after adjustments, I would increase alk level with baking soda & make adjustment to reactor. If the alk rises again, you will need to stop both again.

09/25/2010, 04:55 PM
I would just stop the dosing for a day or two. You could dose calcium chloride (something like Kent Turbo Calcium) to keep the calcium, if you want, but it's only going to drop 20-40 ppm or so.

I suspect that the calcium reactor should be tuned back a bit, but some testing will let you know what's happening.