View Full Version : Another Breakout box example

09/26/2010, 07:57 AM
I had some CAT5 and the tools to make a decent break out box primarily for stronger connection points for my equipment. So I decided to handle this simple project that has been on my list for a few days. Basically, for my rig I need to connect four float switches, two from the tank and two from the water storage tank located approx 20 feet away.

Cat5e Cable
1x Crimping tool and 5x connectors
1x Surface mount Cat5e box
1x Cable - mini-din ( Old mouse cable from computer junk box)
1x wire strippers
1 mini flat head screw driver and/or punch down tool


The surface mount box is easy to wire with a punch down tool or mini screw driver to push the wire against the contacts.


I had to make a tool to test with as the wires in the cable did not match the pin layout on the cable. Overall it took me about an hour to complete the entire project.


Overall , this is a better fit for me. :beer:

09/29/2010, 07:08 AM
Nice idea!