View Full Version : Do I need to cycle the rock separately?

05/21/2003, 09:30 AM
Hey All (esp Richard),

I just got a 100lb order of boat run, which looks fantastic. Two of my friends are splitting the order with me, so unfortunately, only 45lbs of it is mine. We all fought over which pieces we would keep :). Anyway, my question is how long should I cure the rock? It is going into an established 90g tank with about 80lbs of LR in it now. I've found it to be able to handle fairly massive amounts of bio-load--I've never done a water change and never seen the trates over 5ppm. I have many soft corals, and a few LPS. All my fish are hardy, least of which is my flame angel. Can I get away with adding the rock now? My concern is that if I wait for it to cycle in a separate tank, many of the corals will die as they have no light. Could I maybe add one piece a day to the tank until I have none left? Any advice welcome.


05/24/2003, 02:30 PM
Never, ever put our rock in anything other than the tank it is going in......or you will kill it, it needs a stable environment as it is full of life, and must be treated as such!
Richard TBS