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10/13/2010, 09:19 AM
Just wanted to say........... Thank you

I outlined an order I received a few weeks ago here and they continue to do well.

So, I placed another order and received my fish yesterday and they were received in good health and doing well in my QT. I ordered specific lengths for the fish and the puller did an excellent job of getting close to what I wanted.

These two fish, a Queen Angel (wow what beautiful Queen!) and typical for a Queen, active and a handful for my other fish in the 40g QT...an Achilles Tang.

Both are now eating to some degree and in a few weeks will be moved to my 300g tank.

Good job!

10/13/2010, 11:43 AM
good to hear - please keep us posted - It seems hit or miss from what I read. I would tell you what fhish I want from them, but everyoen would jump on it :lmao: