View Full Version : Catalina sure knows how to pick them!

10/15/2010, 12:45 AM
Just picked up two of your "Catalina's Picks" mini-colonies today and all I can say is wow!

Both pieces had great polyp extension (one was so fuzzy, you couldn't even see the coral skeleton b/c it was just covered in open polyps).

The colors were surprisingly nice. Because of the item description, I was expecting brown corals. One had pink polyps with a mint green base. Very pretty! Didn't really see any brown. The other had a brown base, but the polyps were a very bright green. Can't wait to see the base color up on this one.

Wish I had more room in my tank for more of these 'surprises'. It felt like Christmas for me while opening the styro box - wondering what I would be getting. :)

Thanks a bunch!