View Full Version : Aquatronica programming

10/19/2010, 02:01 PM
hi can somebody help me? I am new to aquatronica and would like to know how to programme the following.
I would like my backup heater that is plugged into skt E on my 1st power bar to only come on when the temp drops to 24deg and my chiller which is plugged into skt C on my 1st power bar to only come on when temp reaches 28 deg.

I have set up a complete RO top up system but have also got 2 additional aquatronica level sensors. I have set one of the sensors high up in my sump which I want the system to turn off the top up system that is plugged into skt B to ensure if the top up system float sticks open the level sensor will prevent a flood. The second level sensor I have set below the top up system floatand would like it to trigger an alarm if the water becomes low to prevent damage to the return pumps and skimmer which are plugged into skts A, B. and C on my second power bar and poss turn them off.