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Reverend Reefer
10/25/2010, 10:10 PM
could someone kindly direct me to information regarding reef controllers? i'm looking for information that will explain to me exactly what they do and how the do it as i haven't a clue. i'm interested in automation as i've recently automated some tasks and am excited at the prospect of automation in general, is this what a controller can do?

10/26/2010, 12:33 AM
I've been researching controllers a lot recently as well. Based on reviews, the Neptune Apex and Reef Keeper Elite are the top two controllers on the market. Both are sponsors of RC and have their own forums here.

These two controllers have probes (temperature, pH, ORP, and conductivity/salinity, dissolved oxygen concentration) that measure those tank conditions, and can be programmed to take certain actions based off those readings. They also have slots to run an auto-top-off system, wave makers, circulation pump control, lighting timers, etc. Basically anything that can be plugged into the system may be controlled somehow. I'd suggest you check out their forums and websites for more info!

10/26/2010, 04:12 AM
Basically a controller is a very smart timer! You can program in many many on/off cycles based on time or also based on temperature. say you have your lights on 10 hours every day, and one day in the summer your house air conditioner goes out and your tank starts overheating...then you can have the controller turn the lights off if the temp gets greater then the programmed value~say 83 degrees. I use my controller for my dosing pumps and turn them on for a few minutes every hour.