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10/28/2010, 07:52 AM

I ordered an automatic shutoff valve for my Typhoon ro/di with my last filter order back in July. I've been having problems with the valve since a couple of weeks after installation.

I've checked and rechecked to make sure it's connected properly. It seemed to work pretty well for the first couple of weeks, and then the problems started to occur.

What's happening is it seems to be cycling open and close. I hear a LOUD vibratory noise coming from the valve. The vibration occurs approximately every 20-30 seconds or so and is loud enough to be discernable upstairs (the unit is in the basement). I'm assuming the valve is opening and then slowing closing, then opening again and then closing, etc. Watching the discharge line confirms this as the flow will stop and then start up, then stop again. There's been quite a few times when the valve fails to close at all.

I've shaken the unit and turned it upside down but I'm still having problems. Are there some other things I can try? Do you think it might be a faulty valve?

The unit sits high up on a shelf and the discharge line is connected to a float valve in a storage tank sitting on the floor.

Thanks for any help.


03/09/2011, 10:01 PM
I'm having this exact problem now. Except mine is every few mins I hear the noise. Loud vibration noise, then slowly stops, then one more quick vibe noise, then you can hear it passing water.

03/10/2011, 07:41 AM
I never did get a response from air water ice.

Through my searching I found that you need to make sure the float valve on the outlet line in your fresh water container seals completely. The ASOV needs back pressure to operate correctly and if the float valve doesn't seal completely the back pressure isn't created.

I took my float valve apart and cleaned it and that helped a lot. It still does it periodically but not as often as before.

03/10/2011, 04:52 PM
THanks for the response. I just changed all my filters including the membrane and installed the new backflush valve. My extreme III came with just Y valve then another Y for the backflush.

I assume the new backflush valve did the trick. Thus it seems fixed so far.

Thanks again!