View Full Version : Life after CRASH...What set up???

11/03/2010, 05:05 PM
Ok, my previous post explains my whole crash situation. Anyway if you were starting all over/downsizing to a 30 gallon fish only tank, just 3 fish maybe, what would you do without spending a ton and pretty uncomplicated. I was going to use a new Eheim can filter under. Do I need to continue with a protien skimmer and UV I had before? Live sand? Or other substrate? I have live rock.
Thanks for the input!!!

11/03/2010, 07:06 PM
if your going fish only. get your live rock, live sand, run a skimmer in a sump. ditch the can filter or keep it for back up filtration. should be fine other wise. if ur goin fish only that opens up alot of options for algae control too like some nudibranchs and of course you can run some urchins as well.

Mr James
11/03/2010, 07:34 PM
I would suggest something even less complicated than a FOWLR. Maybe a macro algae tank with a pair of small fish. I have always wanted to try that. Look into the Macro Algae section here. I can't imagine you would need a skimmer, UV or and sort of additives (except maybe iron). And you could prune the algae and trade/sell it off like you would with corals.

If I were starting over, this is something I have wanted to try.