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11/06/2010, 10:00 PM
i have (i think i have) colonial hydroids. i have been told that they are bad because they bother other corals. i have pulled them out broke rock that they are on but they are spreading. its not too bad now but i am worried that it could be a problem. all my water tests are normal. and i know i dont over feed. i think it could be my lighting. i want to upgrade to led's but haven't yet. are these critters a pest? if so, how else can i get rid of them?

11/06/2010, 10:48 PM
Pest but not a terrible one. As you see the colonies pop up just zap them with Kalk slurry while your flow is off. 15 min or so later just turn the flow back ok to circulate the slurry. Don't go too craZy if you have many colonies. Kalk will raise your ph drastically in high doses. Good luck

11/06/2010, 11:30 PM
i will definitely give it a try. let you know how it works. thanx for the advice. did i do something to my tank to cause a spread? i have only had this tank set up for almost a year. i have had other tanks for years and have never seen them before?