View Full Version : Yellowhead Jawfish Info Anyone?

11/08/2010, 05:41 PM
Yellowhead Jawfish are my favorite fish. I used to have one but it died last winter. Recently I've been looking for another one but they've been impossible for me to find. I live near Toronto, Canada and I've been calling almost every LFS within about 150 kms (100 miles) of me for the past 2 months. None of them are receiving shipments of Yellow Heads. They all keep telling me to call back after their next shipment date, but no luck.

Is this normal for these fish? Do they come in spurts or do some of you always see them in your LFS? Is there something affecting their collection right now? Are their numbers in the wild decreased? Maybe it's just the LFS's near me that just can't get them right now! The last time I bought one they were easy to find in the Toronto area so that's why I'm confused.

Thanks for your help.

11/08/2010, 07:06 PM
I see them most of the time, but occationally the stores don't seam to have them. Years ago I was looking for them and couldn't find any for a few months, then they started to show up again. I just checked a few online stores and they seam to be out of stock. I guess they could be a semi-seasonal fish.