View Full Version : Seahorse Gills and Phosphate Adsorbers

12/07/2010, 09:23 PM
I am trying to decide if I should add a phosphate adsorbing media to my seahorse tank.
Seahorses eat a bunch and even with a 10-20% water change nitrate and phosphate is pretty high.
No corals in this tank -just macro.
I added some Purigen for the Nitrate but can't decide what to do about the Phosphate.

On some more seahorse specific boards I've seen some conflicting advice in this regard:
* use GFO (Ferric Oxide) but NOT Ferric Hydroxide for seahorse tanks
* use alumina based stuff like Seachem Phosguard
* don't use any metal based adsorbers because they can damage the seahorse gills because seahorse gills are different from other fish'

So what to do? Not use anything? Use something and if so what kind would be preferable? Should I add some kind of metal adsorber like Cuprisorb to catch any diluted metal stuff?

12/07/2010, 11:22 PM
I am skeptical that sea horse gills would be affected by GFO or ferric hydroxide. Alumina might be more of an issue, but that's more common with corals. CupriSorb is mostly for copper, I think. A PolyFilter might help a bit, but I'm not sure I'd bother.

Did anyone give any references or equations for how GFO or ferric hydroxide could harm gills?