View Full Version : controller lost setting, Please help

Rogger Castells
12/27/2010, 02:47 PM
Today I noticed that one of my power bars appear to be with out power, after I confirmed that there was power reaching the unit I went to the controller, on the screen it appear that it had been reset and was finding the devices.
I connected my laptop to reload the program and it is not letting me do it, I get the following message:

"The system that is save in the file is not identical to the connected system, unable to load configuration"

What can I do other than manually reprogram everything?

nemo's janitor
12/30/2010, 02:25 PM
You must first check that the configuration is the same as the saved configuration. Check by pressing the "ESC" key on the controller. It will show you the PU's. Else also from the main menu on the controller check how many PU are connected. If more than the number you have, delete the one not their. Then reinstate configuration.

Another option is to disconnect all interfaces except PU's. Select reset controller then before the controller finds the PU' disconnect disconnect them.

Now plug in PU1 let the controller find it then PU2 etc and then all the interfaces... The Config has to be the same as the saved config. Now you can open a saved config and assign them.