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12/30/2010, 04:42 PM
Randy can I use a Fisher Hydrometer mod # 11-606 by Fisher Scientific to check salinity ? and if so how should it read for a mixed reef if it is sodium chloride by weight at 60F and the scale reads 0-26 thanks :confused:

12/30/2010, 10:29 PM
No, the increments are way to big @ .5 % = 5,000 ppm or 5 ppt. Let's pretend it is for seawater. Seawater is 3.5 % or 35 ppt. The next mark is from 35 ppt to 40 ppt. We run tanks at 33 - 37 ppt. You would want such a hydrometer of this type to be from 0 - 10 % and better at 0 -5 % and then we could just convert NaCl to seawater salinity. This hydro you are looking at is going to 260 ppt, that is 26 % and a 10% goes to 100 ppt. A 100 ppt would have marks like .1 %. The next issue is to do the math to correct for 60 F if you are using it in say 80 F or 75 F or 82 F, etc..

Randy is not with us anymore and he has not told me yet when he may be back.

12/31/2010, 07:17 AM
Thanks for your reply sorry to hear about Randy RC seems to have been loosing some very smart people lately with the loss of Randy and Uncleof6 they both have been a great help to me and I sure hope they find their way back or I find them on another forum