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01/01/2011, 10:41 AM
My daughter went out and bought a christmas tree rock looks fine now but
I don't know if our tank is ready yet, we don't have a power head for circulation. There is no fish yet just 2 snails and 2 small crabs. How often and what do we feed the little christmas tree worms...our tank is a 38 gal.. Don't won't to kill the little fellows...:fun5:

01/01/2011, 11:00 AM
How old is the tank? Tube worms are very tough but you must offer some live phyto to them. You can spot feed them but realize they eat from underneath the feathers not from the top so just put some phyto all around them. They may or mat not make it if your tank hasn't cycled yet. Also, I believe they are living in a dead piece of coral and not a rock. :) good luck and list your water parameters and tank age as well so others can help.

01/01/2011, 11:18 AM
Our tank tank is only 2 weeks old I'll try to get a pic. we have some live rock
and sand. What do you mean when you say cycled...:spin3:

01/01/2011, 11:29 AM
Oh dear.
You need a quarantine tank: a plain tank, no light, just heater and filter, about 10 g with carbon-floss filter, line marked for evaporation line to keep the salt balance, a tube of test strips (nitrate/ammonia), and a bottle of Amquel. You should take ALL living things except your live rock and put them in that qt tank, testing it daily for ammonia.

Leave your main tank fishless and snail-less for 4 weeks while it cycles. It should have 1 lb sand and 1 lb live rock per gallon in the system. Run your lights, skimmer, etc, and heater, and you need a refractometer for salinity. Your sand and live rock bacteria will increase enough to handle crabs, snails, and eventually a fish. You will PREVENT ammonia developing in your qt (it's lethal to fish) and ENCOURAGE it in your main tank. Needless to say, the two do not connect. Once you have seen ammonia appear in your main tank, and then go away, you know that the bacteria are up and running, and that your tank will then start growing green algae; then you add the crabs and snails; they work for a month. Then you add your Christmas rock, and meanwhile you may have acquired a fish that will live 4 weeks in your qt tank before going in.
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