View Full Version : help me pick a light before site goes down

01/10/2011, 07:48 PM
size: 60 gal standard

my power compacts, the ballast is malfunctioning burning out bulbs so it is out of commission.

I do however have a 150watt hqi halide in the center, pfo reflector which lights evenly and I have used it before alone and it looked nice and didn't look like half had light and other half no light, the light spreads evenly. So I would like to use this method to light the system at least for now.

the system used to be a reef so currently it will just be used for live rock and a couple fish, fish only setup so the light is over kill but what I have.

since i will not have any corals, i want a nice deep vibrant blue with some white so what should I go with..


I use to have 10k and would like to have more blue so and what is the best bulb to get.

01/10/2011, 07:52 PM
many brands are different and depending on whats driving them the color will change but if your interested more in the blue side then white, I suggest 20k