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01/16/2011, 07:03 AM
I bought a Typhoon III a couple years ago I believe. Anyway my last membrane from you guys didn't seem to last as long as the first. Did you change the brand of your membranes? I also have had trouble with my water quality. I'm not blaming your product - I've just got terrible water coming to my house. The TDS meter is reading 900+ out of the faucet. Do you have any suggestions for what membrane and filters I should use? Should I still try the arrangement that came in the III. I've got the 75 gallon/day version. But I really seem to burn through filters, DI media, and membranes fast. The water we used to get came from a lake, but they have stopped pumping from the lake because of water levels. We now get our water from an aquifer - Ogalala? I think it is - I live in Amarillo. Thanks for your help - I really need to get some new filters and get this thing working like it did a couple of years ago. Thanks again.

01/17/2011, 12:22 PM
You're not the first to have these issues. I'm pretty sure, at least with the 150gpd membrane, it is not nearly as good as the one they used to supply, now everybody is burning through DI cartriges.

03/09/2011, 09:03 AM
I guess AWI - doesn't check this forum? I really wanted to buy from them - but if no reply. I figure someone else will answer?