View Full Version : Concerns

01/21/2011, 04:12 PM

I'm gonna have to say it was a good 3 years doing business with BFS, but the last order has ended that. Three things:

1) You always supplied KX Matrikx +1 filters under what you called 'Chlorine Guzzler', until my last order. When did you switch to Liquatec? If I wanted that brand I would have saved the 3 extra bucks and ordered from a large online retailer.

2) The pleated sediment filter looks NOTHING like the one sent. I'm not saying it isn't as functional, but accurate pictures are nice when ordering from the net and not truly knowing what you will receive.

3) The BFS-395 filter housing has obviously been a cob job, DIY modification with two holes drilled in the top of the cap and a Lowe's/HD 1/4" MPT tap ran through. Not so keen on the cut threads at all!

Moral of my gripe is I'll pay the extra from another vendor next order.