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01/30/2011, 08:03 PM
Short version: I can access the Ethernet module from any computer that is not on my network, but can't from one thatís on my home network.

Long version: I think I have a router issue, but wanted to check here for solutions before I burn the cash on a new one. My home network setup includes a Comcast cable router that connects to a Netgear rangemax WPN824v3 wireless router. I have the Aquatronica software set upon a windows XP desktop computer. Recently purchased the Ethernet module, and have a dyndns web address set up in the router.

When Iím at work, or using my phone (or anywhere else Iíve tried it) I have no problems accessing the Ethernet module. I can get to it by the dyndns web address, and by typing in the IP address directly. Iím able access it when Iíve got it set to port 80 or (with changing the ports in the aquatronica software) on any other port Iíve tried. Iíve also got a mediaserver, and I can hit that no problem when Iím outside my house.

On the other hand, when Iím at home on my LAN and I type in the dyndns address for my aquatronica it says ďFirefox can't establish a connection to the server at xx.dyndns-remote.com:1024. (1024 is my current port for the aquatronica Ethernet module). Same if I go straight IP numbers to try to get there. When I go to port 80, it sends me to the login page for my router. If I try to type the address for the mediasmart server in, it gives me the 404 not found page. So basically as far as I can tell the router intercepts all contacts from inside its system and wants you to log in to it, and wonít redirect it.

This is a probem for me because I would like to have aquastats pulling data from the Ethernet module. However, when I try to fetch the controller status, it says ďconnection refused: connectĒ For setup in aquastats Iíve got the xx.dndns-remote.com as the IP address and the port as 1024.

Any sugestions? Feel free to suggest stupid things I should have thought of. Iím not sure how to set up aquastats, so I could have a problem there, but it seems most likely to me that I have a router issue. Any work arounds would be most appreciated.


01/31/2011, 03:17 PM
Typing xx.dyndns-remote.com from inside your network is not supported by all routers - it has to create transparent reverse NAT rules to make this work. You need to look up your IP on the Aquatronica, and ensure it is in the same subnet as your LAN. Try to ping it from your Windows machine.

01/31/2011, 03:23 PM
The Ip on the ethernet module is easy enough, no problem getting the number. Not at home right now, but I believe it wasn't letting me through then either. I'll update this later tonight after trying it again.

That said, I don't think Aquastats let me just put in a lan address w/o adding a port. Am I incorrect on that? I think I tried that (in the preferences? section) but it wanted a port. Does that sound right?

Thanks for the response.

02/01/2011, 08:05 AM
Can't seem to hit the ethernet module from inside my LAN with a browser from any method, but the ping does work and the controller shows up on the router as attached. Typing the 192.... number into the browser gets me a "problem loading page" "connection to the server was reset" page in firefox. (same with explorer FWIW). I can ping it and all 4 come back quickly.

Typing the XX.dyndns-remote.com addy in gets me the "problem loading page" "Unable to connect" error page. Not sure how to go about this from here.