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02/03/2011, 11:33 AM
I ordered last week for Saturday delivery... There was a call (concern over the weather, as it was gonna dip below 15*. I said we shouldn't worry...)

So it was set to be here Saturday

Which came.. and went. Call to Fed-Ex.. It was in memphis. Far, far away from the frozen north. (This was well before the issues this week with things being lost in the snow. should have made it)

Monday package arrived. I was not home to acclimate, but my sig. other was directed step by step by me at work as to what to do.

The first day, the chalice looked... ~bad~. Bad enough that I thought I'd have to make a claim... and half the snails were looking like goners. 3 days in the freezing weather, two of those spent in ND...

By today (not even a week later) everything is good. REALLY good

Their packaging was wonderful. The heat packs had ...some.. residual heat in them. Nothing was frozen solid! Because of their care they took in packaging, everything lived when I had assumed that it wouldn't.


I can't wait til this spring when I start ordering more!! :beer:

03/01/2011, 08:11 AM
I hope my order ends this well. Just found its stuck in memphis Tn due to thunderstorms and high winds.

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