View Full Version : XM vs. Radium

02/05/2011, 05:02 AM

Currently I am using a 20k 250 Watts XM for my LPS/Softies. However, I am considering switching over to the 20K Radium. Does anyone know what is the difference between the two? Does Radium bulbs have more of a blue tint? Any comments would be appreciated.


02/05/2011, 06:42 AM
Radiums are a lot brighter and have an increased amount of par... I wouldn't say that they have more of a blue tint, its just that the intensity is much more... Be careful when changing bulbs though, the increased PAR can seriously burn your corals... I learned that lesson a few years ago... Raise your lights, screen your corals, decrease your photo period, whatever you can do to help acclimate them should you decide to switch...