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02/24/2011, 01:36 AM
I just got a Harlequin Basslet and the tool bag told me it would do fine in my HQI tank. I got it to hang out in my HQI untill my new 75 gets mature enough for life. I normaly make sure each fish will be good in what tank with what fish. I only wanted one fish in my HQI tank so as long as he did good in a 30 gal was my main concern. He has lots of places to hide and plenty of room to hover/swim. My big problem is once i got him home i have found he is a deep water fish and doesnt do birght lighs. I have the POOR guy in a tank with MH lighting. I feel bad for the little guy. Anyone know if it will be a major thing to have him in there? My other tank has too much Food for him to eat. He is the only fish/living thing other than some LSPs and rock. Another question I have is i plan on adding some clams once it gets mature enough. I have read that they like to munch on INVERTS. A clam is an INVERT. Will it eat or munch on my future clam? anyone ever have one that left clams alone or have it in a well lit tank? I have a small t5 light i turn on in the AM and once the MH is off i turn the T5s back on for a few more hours. Any help would be great. Thanks. Sorry everyone I feel like I have added to the problem. I want to ensure I take care of it and make sure that everything is how it should be in nature.

02/24/2011, 08:13 AM
Hello WXB.

You do not need to fret. This species will do fine in your tank with metal halide lighting. I have seen this species while free diving in the keys in relatively shallow water. You may need to acclimate him to bright lighting depending on where this particular specimen was collected, but in general this species can handle bright lighting. At the very worst the little fish may stay in the shadows for a while.

Also, he will not harm your clams. The only inverts you should worry about are small shrimp and crabs. Also some very small fish may be on the menu as the fish matures.

Good luck.


02/24/2011, 10:22 AM
For what it's worth, many people keep deep water fish, such as bandit angels that are collected sometimes around 200-300 feet (not saying they ALWAYS stay at that depth but they are caught there) in reef tanks with metal halide lighting and they are just fine.

Unless they have really big, obviously specialized eyes for only seeing in dark deep water, I wouldnt worry about the fish not being able to adapt to your lighting.

02/24/2011, 11:00 AM
Thanks. I just wanted to see if anyone had some imput. I have used the T5 less and less since i got him. I wanted to make sure he didnt go into light shock. He does come out with the MH on a lot. I just had to make sure he was good with the MH and the clams.

02/26/2011, 08:28 PM
I have had a Harlequin Basslet for about a year now in my reef tank with MH lighting. He has done very well, growing, and really coloring up with some nice yellow on his belly and a ruby color on the edges of his pectoral fins. He has never bothered any of the snails and I don't have any shrimp. He never bothers any of the other fish and really just prefers to hover around on his own.