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03/07/2011, 12:24 PM
My current lighting and take specs listed in my signature below (just under 600 watts). Only Thing I should mention is that the lights are currenly 24" above the water. I just ordered a light that has three 250 watt 15k MH's and 8 39 watt actinic T5's. Just over 1000 watts. Probably about 8" or so off the water.

Most of my corals have never really grow all that fast. Meaning I started out with two red mushrooms 21 months ago and I am up to a whopping four now, when other people can't seem to keep them under control. Same thing with my Xenia which are like the plague in other's tanks. My Yellow turbinaria SPS has never grown or gotten smaller, and any other small experimental SPS has always just slowly died away.

My frogspawn does grow though, but it only grows as fast as I would expect all my corals to grow. I started with 4 heads and now have 12 in the same 21 months.

basically, with my lights being so high off of the water, I have always thought my corals weren't getting enough light. Now that I am switching to this other light, my friend is thinking it is going to be too much light. What are some of your opinions?

03/07/2011, 08:48 PM
Nobody has anything to share? Nobody has ever had too much lighting and messed something up?

Just don't want this post to make it to the 4th page and the person who has the answer never sees it.

03/08/2011, 08:33 AM
you are lacking light with the old setup...i have 510 (t5 and pc) watts over a 75 gallon at 4-5" above the water....you will notice alot more growth with the new lights,just make sure you acclimate your tank to them

03/08/2011, 09:04 AM
once you acclimate them you should see if you can hang the lights and move them up and down to see where you get your best growth.