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03/07/2011, 01:37 PM

I am looking at these Tunze 9011, and 9016 skimmers. Not sure if they will improve my skimming than my Turbofloater 1000 hob. I have no sump. My refug is also a hob with Mangroves and cheato hay, sand bottom. I have a couple of phosphate pads I change weekly in the refug column. My tank is 220 gal tank, 5 inch sand bottom, with about 15 small to medium fish. I have 1 large phosban reactor running phosban. And I have 1 small phosban reactor running esv carbon. 2 Korlia Magnum 5's, 2 small Korlia 800's for flow. My flow is so good my mushrooms are having a hard time populating. 1 corallife 18w UV on standby if algea gets out of control I turn it on. But mostly don't turn it on. I have about 30 corals with sps and lps. About 500 tiny snails for cleaning. 1 starfish and coral banded shrimp. Water change weekly with Reef Crystals. Feeding with some coral food once a week and frozen food every other day. Dry food on the other days.

Currently the Turbofloater skims wet after a water change adding water into the cup. And after feeding the coral food the Turbofloater will not skim until a few hours has passed. But normally during the week it skims dry to wet foam brown smelly gunk. I clean the cup every 3-4 days. Because it looks like skimming is degraded because of accumlication of gunk in collection cup column. Which is normally a quarter - half filled. Once cleaned skimming performs fine again. Until I reach that quarter- half point.

Any ideas anyone?

03/07/2011, 04:23 PM
both would work well. the 9016 is two inches taller with essentially the same dimensions. Same pump, same air, same throughput (gph). The taller unit would give you better dry tuning but at the $100 more price tag. Much better units than the turbofloater.

Too bad you don't have a sump because that would offer soooooo many more options. With that being said, the Tunze are great skimmers.

Happy Reefing


03/07/2011, 04:27 PM
IME, tunze are much less finecky after feedings or hands in the tank