View Full Version : Need help with ballast matching for MH/T5 retrofits

03/07/2011, 02:58 PM
Hi all,

Just bought a used 90 gallon oceanic (48x18x24) and the current canopy has a pair of 250W MH and a pair of 54W T5. I believe the guy said they're icecap fixtures. Unfortunately, the don't come with ballasts. Any recommendations on what to get? Should I pick up icecaps to match; such as:

250W MH electronic ballast (http://www.icecapinc.com/ballasts/250-mh-electronic-ballast)

480 VHO ballast (http://www.icecapinc.com/ballasts/430-fluorescent-lamp-electronic-ballast)

I'm planning on a mixed reef to start, but definitely want to get into SPS. LEDs are potentially a near-term upgrade also, but I figured since the canopy already has MH/T5 installed... why not give those a go from day 1.

Also - what can I expect from heat on this setup? Will a chiller be 100% needed? I live in CT and we have central air during the summer months. I'll definitely be adding fans at the back of the canopy either way (one in and one out at either end).