View Full Version : What to do with AC70?

03/07/2011, 11:03 PM
Hello RC I am in a debate about what to do with a AC70.

I have a 55gal mixed reef with about 5 fish and mostly LPS the tank has been running for a few months now and all that I run for filtration is a AC30 with sponge, carbon and biomax pellets and I see absolutely no problems except I can't get my nitrates below 5-10ppm.

I have a AC70 and I am debating on running it as a fuge with some chaeto and macro to help get rid of trates but idk if it would be effective on a 55 gallon tank. I could also just throw some floss and chemipure elite in there instead and call it a day.

So my main question is what would be more effective... going with a ac70 fuge or just throwing cpe and floss in there?