View Full Version : What type of media do you use in your calcium reactor?

03/08/2011, 04:17 PM
I have just purchased a dual chamber calcium reactor and would like to know what media you use and why. I am new to this and hope to set this up over the next few weeks. At the moment I am adding Seachem buffer everyday at 5tsp/day.

The person I bought the reactor from uses Florida crushed shells and has been happy with them for years. He says that they are cheap, last a long time and don't add phosphates to your system.

While at the LFS they did not feel this was a good option and instead felt the Aragonite or New Born products were much better and also stated they did not add phosphates.

Another option is the Tropic Eden product with similar claims. This product claims to keep your PH at 8.2 which may be a plus since it appeared the others may push it below 8.0.

Does it matter which one?
Are they all basically the same product in a slitghtly differnt size?
The shells would definately be the cheapest but they are not specific to the purpose like the other products are.