View Full Version : Need help setting up my Elos Mini Sump

03/08/2011, 11:04 PM
My new tank turned up today, but elation has quickly turned to frustration while trying to follow Elos' TERRIBLE instructions.

I've never had a sump before so I have no idea how the water is supposed to flow through it. The instructions show 2 pictures from terrible angles and a lot of the pipework in the photos is clear on white.

Can anyone please help me? :sad1:

Photos of set up mini sumps and/or a list of how the water is supposed to flow through would be amazing.

03/08/2011, 11:15 PM
The front of the sump is the part with the black vinyl writing. The drain goes behind the wedge piece in the back of the sump. The skimmer and return pump go into the middle chamber. The skimmer's output goes into the filter sock and the chamber next to the filter sock is where you would place any filter media you might want to add. The large chamber on the far side is for ATO water if you are using an ATO unit.

That should get you going.

03/08/2011, 11:51 PM
Hmmm if that's the case, maybe I'm closer than I think I am then.

The unnerving bit is I have a few important looking left overs:


I'm guessing the blue and white ring goes in the skimmer top? It seems to fit in there, but I wanted to check first before I jammed it in. I have no idea where the other bits go though...?

Also, is there supposed to be a gap from the skimmer outlet into the filter sock?


At the moment it seems like the water is going to pour out of it, rather than go quietly though a pipe.

03/09/2011, 12:00 AM
I think you can push the skimmer pipe down further. The blue/white ring is a roll of Teflon tape. You can open it and you will see the tape. It is for you to put around your threaded pipes to give a more secure connection to avoid leaks. The blue sponge you put in the small wedge section where you return will drain. The longer curved black piece goes in the display in the hole on the side of the overflow for your return. The wedge pipe towered the back of the stand is for quieting your overflow. Personally, I never used it. I would sit it to the side for future if you need it.

03/09/2011, 12:13 AM
Hehehe oh thank goodness I didn't wedge that tape in the skimmer!! It totally fits! :lolspin:

Thanks so much, that was exactly the stuff I needed to know!!! :D