View Full Version : 250 watt DE bulb choice for Outer Orbit

03/09/2011, 10:17 AM

I have an outer orbit 2 x 250 watt DE, 4 x 54 watt T5 and I am wondering what 250 watt
DE bulb everyone is using?

Which bulbs work best with the external metal halide ballasts (which I think are M138).


running scott
03/09/2011, 05:21 PM
i have same light fixture, and had been useing current 14k bulbs (which i really liked). i just changed them to phoenix 14k bulbs because the currents are no longer made. so far i think i like the phoenix even more, very close to the same color as the 14k current bulbs. i think when people say that the phoenix bulbs are too blue, they are useing a electronic ballast.