View Full Version : Impeller for AquaEuro EU-K1000F Protein Skimmer - 250

03/10/2011, 09:43 AM
I picked up an AquaEuroUSA protein skimmer at my LFS.

The pump was included but is missing the impeller.

I believe it's an older PS250 as it's about 8" by 22" or so (actual OD is exactly 7 7/8" and it's 22" tall).

The pump says it's an EU-K1000F; it looks like a Sedra, but a Sedra 900 impeller doesn't fit - the impeller does but the ceramic shaft is too long.

Any ideas on a replacement impeller? I really don't want to buy a whole new pump.

Any idea if this impeller (http://www.marinedepot.com/ASM_replacement_Needle_Wheel_Impellers_Replacement_Parts_for_ASM_Protein_Skimmers-ASM_G_Series_Protein_Skimmers-AG1651-FIPSRPAP-vi.html) would fit?

Also, the output pipe seems to be a funny size, anyone know how I can hook a gate valve to it? It's a skunch larger than a 2" PVC pipe, so I can't just stick one on there. It also didn't come with the foam tube or air filter.

I contacted AquaEuro and they have not responded; I also did a forum search.


== John ==