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03/10/2011, 07:38 PM
Hello all,

I have an established aquarium that has had a recent encounter with hair algae. I have almost completely removed all hair algae by nutrient export and manual removal and the tank has never looked better. In fact for some reason I have been having to dial back my lights because some light sensitive corals seem to be bleaching out. My guess is the newly pristine water conditions and reduced organic load is allowing more light in, but i digress. My concern now is the red slime that I cant seem to rid my self of. It is not a lot and it certainly isn't over taking any corals but its on some rock work on on the crushed coral bed, some of the most troubling is growing around some polyps. I am not one to add chemicals to my take but manual removal and starvation does not seem to be working against this foe. I have red slime control from blue life but I am apprehensive to use it as my system is doing so well overall. Is there any alternative to what I am doing? If not how long if at all do i have to not run carbon, gfo, and skimmer? Shutting down my filtering equipment is one of the biggest causes of concern for me because of the successes I have been having with the tanks water quality. If it is any point of interest I do run TM as my salt and just switched to TM bio actif.

03/10/2011, 09:44 PM
Not sure if this is the answer you want but here it is.
I have had the dark red almost purple slime algae 10 or so times. Mostly back 7-8 yrs ago. Now 7-8 times I tried the miracle in a bottle to get rid of it. And the damm stuff would come back in 4-6 wks. :furious:

My problem was simple , not enough movement in the tank ,needing a better skimmer , feed less ,more regular water changes.

So keep doing what you are doing , remove as much as possible manual [siphon] ,increase water changes 15-20 % ,feed a tiny bit less. ,add water movement. And the problem will go away on its own.

Just my .02