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04/02/2011, 10:36 AM
If I buy a red sea max 34 gallon, what octos could I keep and what is suitable in the aquaria...ie...LR, Macro algae etc..thanks, Mike

04/05/2011, 03:14 PM
The only one i can think of with that size tank is O. mercatoris. This is the dwarf octopus. You could keep a small group of mercs if you provide ample hiding places. They dont come out during the day if there is bright light so you will most likely only see them at night, under red light, or dim lighting. I think this all you can do for this size tank. If you get a 55 gallon you could do a bimac but they require chilled water. Or you could do a aculeatus. To be honest i think your better off with a pair of cuttles for that size tank.

Good luck

04/05/2011, 03:19 PM
ohhhhh Im sorry i misread the post. I thought it said 24 gallon. I have kept an aculeatus in a 39 gallon CAD system and it did great. It was extremely interactive too. I kept a giganted anemone, clown pair, banggaii cardinals, Mcoskers flasher wrasse, and multiple sps corals. The octopus took frozen silversides from tongs instantly when i rubbed it onto its tentacles. It also was indifferent to every fish except a lawnmower blenny which went into the den and never came out.

Sorry for the misinformation

Good luck