View Full Version : Adding A Fan To Help Cool Tank

04/02/2011, 03:20 PM
I've got a 55 with another 22 or so gallons split between my sump and fuge. I'm not sure how things will go in the summer since I've only had the tank up for two weeks but I am concerned about higher temps in the summer. I've got an APEX so I was looking at installing a fan on my system to kick on when the temps get high. I have an open top with no canopy.

Will I need to get a 5" table/clip on fan or will one or two of those little computer fans suffice? I've already hooked up a little 2-3" computer vent fan to an old cell phone power cord so if that would be enough to cool the tank that would be great.

Even then, where would I place the fan? Tank? Sump?

04/02/2011, 03:33 PM
If your sump is in the open or the cabinet has good air circulation it's a fine place for the fan. I used to use coralvue in a home made acrylic fixture mounted on the sump blowing straight down into it . It will raise your humidity under the stand. I also cut a 4" fan through the cabinet.

04/02/2011, 04:54 PM
The fan on top will be more effective since it can directly blow the heat away from the lights, but a fan over the sump will help cool as well. I used the latter on my 90 w/T5s, but the fans in my canopy over my 120 w/halides does a better job.

04/02/2011, 06:44 PM
So just using a computer vent type fan will be OK?? The link you provided seems exactly like what I already have. It's an old computer fan that I wired the cell phone charger to.