View Full Version : Lighting and protein skimmer

04/02/2011, 08:26 PM
Hi all, I have a few corals in my tank that are doing good, but im sure they can do better, I have 1 blue 1 white low lighting in my tank (i have a all in hood lighting/pump) and can't get any better without changing my lid. I was wondering if the led lighting/pond lights are saltwater proof and be a good idea to use if i face them towards my main corals?
this is just an example of one of the lights http://www.aquariumsupermarket.com.au/780-aqua-one-underwater-light-50w.html


I'm thinking about getting the MariSys 240 (http://www.aquaone.co.uk/marisys.php) protein skimmer, does anyone actually own one? or know if its good or not? and am I able to take my other filter out and just use the marisys?

If I get it, I will also need to move my 50gal tank away from my wall to fit the overflow box in, has anyone got any advice what could be the easiest way to do this? (im new to marine) I have about 40kgs/88 pounds of live rock, a big ship ornament and corals, but my main concern is my blue tang - i dont want to stress him and prefer to leave him in the tank. As I know I will have to take most/all rocks out and water too..