View Full Version : Quiet HOB Skimmer for 84gal? Narrowing my options!

04/05/2011, 07:38 AM
I have an 84gal FOWLR (*may* add a few corals later) with no room for a sump under the stand. I have an extra tank and considered building a basement sump, but the initial cost of a pump thatíll do 600+ gph @ 20ft of head gets pricey. Add to that the cost of running a ľ -1/3 HP pump 8760hrs a year, and you have quite an investment.

So now Iím looking for a quality QUIET hang-on-back skimmer. Iím only using my Fluval 405 canister filter for carbon and GFO media so a skimmer with an area for a media bag would be great. Noise is the most important thing since this will be in my girlfriendís living room where we read, do work, and watch TV. I know thereís no such thing as a silent skimmer, but I donít want a ridiculously loud one. I do have a ReefKeeper Lite so I could run the skimmer on a night and workday schedule so itís off in the evenings. Although, from what Iíve read, every time you turn a skimmer off it takes a while to get back up to speed.

Will I have any issues with the weight of a skimmer hanging on the back of a glass tank?

My three options right now seem to be:

Octopus BH-2000 - $200 - No place for media. People seem to love it but not sure about how quiet it really is.

Octopus BH-800SBS $300 - Place for media. Not sure of the other real advantages of this unit and canít find much info online. People seem to think it comes with a noisy pump.

Deltec MCE600 Turbo - $550- For that price I could buy the Iwaki or Pan World return pump AND an in-sump skimmer for the basement!

Any input? Thanks much!

04/05/2011, 08:34 AM
The more I read about the Deltec, the more I like it. The optional media basket is a really nice feature for my use. No more cleaning the Fluval just to run GFO!!! The price is just a killer.