View Full Version : How about 2 AI Nano's for ELOS 70?

04/05/2011, 07:39 PM
I've seen lots of talk here about using one AI SOL Blue, or using two, but I'm kind of reluctant to spend ~1400 for LED lights...we'll see. Yes, trying to save $$=ironic since I just bought a ELOS tank!

So how about just getting two NANO's?

Each is supposedly good for 20x20, that should leave some overlap since the ELOS is 29.5x22.44x19.7 and is 55 gallons. I'd like to run SPS so the intensity must be descent.

Can they change the optics on the Nano's? Would that help?

I'm thinking of getting those new mounts they're supposedly coming out with so the LED's will be fairly close to the water.