View Full Version : Tunze Silence Return Pump & Induced/Stray Voltage??

04/06/2011, 07:30 AM

Anybody out there run a Tunze Silence Return Pump and have some voltage in the tank?

I was running one and found that I was reading about 40VAC from my tank. I took out my pump, put in in its own bucket of fresh salt water, and got a reading of 26VAC from it. I noticed the electrical cord going into the back of pump looked a little frayed so I figured it was damaged.

I just bought a new one today, everything visually looks good with it. I put it into its own bucket of salt water and it reads 26VAC as well. Hmmmm, so I have it in my tank, with total voltage tank to ground is about 40VAC.

Just wondering if this is normal with pumps, or normal with this particular pump or what the deal is....