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04/09/2011, 11:37 PM
Hey guys, I was wondering what the differences are between the LET retrofit and the sunlight supply retrofit. Prices are the same, so which is the better buy?

Here are the links to the products from reefgeek.com

LET retrofit 2 x 39

Tek 2 retrofit 2 x 39

the ONLY difference i see in this particular stores product description is the different ballast used.
I've read a long time ago that sunlight supply uses workhorse ballasts that are not meant for t-5 in specific. Is this not the case in their retrofits?

I also have another question.

I currently have 3 rapidled par38 bulbs. 4 blue : 3 white. What color t-5 bulb would you recommend? I plan on having it set up like this

T-5 bulb---------------------------

3 PAR38 <> <> <>

T-5 bulb---------------------------

04/09/2011, 11:41 PM
The let retro is a better kit. Sunlight supply reflectors are not great reflectors overall.

I bet both of them use the same ballast. You are going to need to cool them both so the bulbs last up to 12 months.

I would use either 2 ati purple plus or one blue plus and one purple plus.

04/10/2011, 12:03 AM
They state they are both 96%
Sunlight Supply Tek 2 individual parabolic reflectors

LET Lighting Miro-4 individual parabolic reflectors

They don't have a ballast description for the LET.
Sunlight: Universal AccuStart Triad electronic ballast

LET: electronic ballast

04/10/2011, 12:06 AM
For cooling, would you recommend fans blowing across the bulbs? One on each end? Is there such thing as too much cooling the bulbs?

I'm not too disappointed with the color i have with these 3 leds. I just wanted more light overall and more pop to the corals. As well as some more spread, cause the LEDS have a small "spotlight effect"

04/10/2011, 06:20 AM
The LET kit uses the ballast from the ATI fixtures. THe SLS kit uses different ballast. I have had both and the LET is the way to go. Both are nice. The tek reflectors are wider and would be better for a fish only tank where a better spread is wanted with less bulbs. The LET rertro would be better for the reef tank.