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04/13/2011, 03:23 PM
Current Tank:
90 gallon AGA

Current Light
8 bulb T5
Geissman Bulbs(4daylight4actinic)

Mostly zoo's and polys some SPS and a big clam

I would like to make the change to all SPS but love my z's and p's but I was told even for all SPS I have to much light for my tank and I have another fixture 2 150 MH and 4 48"T5 and they say that's not enough for SPS or clam so I have 2 questions
1.will MH fixture be enough?
2.is T5 fixture to much?
Thanks in advance for any help with this matter

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04/13/2011, 10:27 PM
No expert here but I would think you should be fine with the either set ups.
*1. MH is on the low side (wattage) for the depth of tank but you could play around with the bulbs like xm10k or simular that produce alot of par. and used the t5 for the blue look. I would think the clam would be the only thing you would have to worry about as its on the bottom of the tank. I had a simular set up for two years with 3 clams no problem.
Mine was 2 150 watt xm 10k bulbs and 4 65 watt atinic bulbs on a 90. Good growth and color.
#2 t5 being to much for SPS I would not think so maybe others could chime in to help you. I have a friend with a 55 gallon sps tank with an 8 bulb configuation that works magic for his corals. And the tank is shallower than yours. Plus you can start out with the corals lower then move them up over time if you think its to much to start alot of sps do better if you sacrafice color in the begining by keeping them lower and over time find the right spot for them as far as light and current as how they react to conditions.

So in my opinion I say yes and yes to your questions.

04/13/2011, 10:31 PM
Sorry let me reef-raise my answer to your questions
Yes on 1
No on 2

04/13/2011, 10:52 PM
Buy or borrow a par meter and quit guessing.