View Full Version : Taam mini Polario Pump, any good?

04/18/2011, 08:35 AM
Really interested in this pump, anybody has experience on them?
Where do buy them?

05/02/2011, 07:42 AM
I just got a 10ML this weekend. Its a much better product then the 22ML I had. Its crazy small and hard to believe somthing that small can put out 2600GPH. It doesnt really feel like it puts out much flow, but thats becasue the flow is very wide.

The pump is very quiet. Cant even hear it. I do wish there was some control over the flow. Its pre-programmed and its only on for 5 seconds at its max flow (5 seconds at 0%, 5 seconds at 50%, 5 seconds at 75% and 5 seconds at 100%). Not really long enough to get any momemtum going, especially with such a wide flow pattern.

Its still a nice pump (so far) and I would recomend it.