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04/30/2011, 11:30 AM
So, the app will have 3 main functions:

Show Sensor Values in Real Time: Useful for people who aren't using Aquastats. They'll be able to see their tank parameters.
Show/Change Plug States in Real Time: Very useful if your AT control panel is down in your basement and you want to turn off the pumps for feeding, or you are sitting your lazy but on the couch and you want to keep your accent lighting on longer to enjoy your tank later into the evening.
Connect to your AquaStats DB and show Graphs of logged data: Useful for when you want to see what your tank has been doing while you are on an extended vacation.

I really don't feel that keeping the Android app on all the time and polling every few minutes is an effective use of the phone. It will drain battery life and I will have to program a local database into the phone and basically duplicate everything that Aquastats already does so well. Maybe I will store some data points in a future version so that I can at least show a better graph than the AT controller already does, but I won't have time to embed a database and reproduce something we already have (Aquastats).

I could program in a "feed" mode that would be defined by the user. This will basically do what the controller does, turn off the plugs you specify for X number of minutes. Maybe it will allow you to toggle your flow every few minutes to try and kick up food off the bottom or something useful.

I think it would also be valuable to be able to "Lock" all or some of your plugs. I don't ever want anyone to accidentally turn off their sump pump when their phone is in their pocket and unkowingly kill everything in their tank! I think that it might be useful to have the user enter a password prior to allowing them to change locked plugs? This would also keep your kids from screwing your tank up when they are holding your phone.

Does anyone have any feedback on this? I get my ethernet module next week so I can probably start programming this next weekend.

04/30/2011, 11:31 AM
Oh, I forgot one thing. What Android devices is everyone using, what Android version, and what size and resolution screens do you have?