View Full Version : Bio pellets & GFO phosphate remover, biopellet reactor

05/08/2011, 01:14 PM
This sale valid untill the end of May

Find your best deal on bio pellets or GFO phosphate remover and we will try our hardest to beat it!

We got a great deal on bio pellets and have a mother load of bio pellets comming in late next week and would like to share the deal with you. Let us know what you can get biopellets or GFO for anywhere else and we should be able to beat their deal by at least 10 percent. Available in store or ship out. You must mention this add to get the deal.

We currently have a small biopellet reactor that will hold up to 1500 ml of pellets amd handle up to a 300 gallon tank for $99.99 and are still working on our multi reactor unit that will handle much larger tanks.

The small reactor can operate in the sump or as a hang on unit.

Minimum order for mail order $30.00

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