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05/13/2011, 11:45 AM
Just installed my Apex Lite! Very excited here..
Man there is alot of stuff to know, LOL
Anyone here that lives in the Los Angeles Area or Orange County,
Like to have a Apex Programing Party ! LOL I'll buy the pizza and beer!

Using the wizard to run now, but Like to do other stuff, ATO/Switches,
Feeding, waterchanges, etc...

Here is a pic of how I have it set up in my tank,


Here is a pic all hooked up, messing for know till i get all the wires where i like them to be than do the final clean up !

BTW, I have the Saltity Probe to my PM2 I was trying to Calibrate with 447 and setting on low on the range and keep getting a fail, ???

THanks !!