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05/30/2011, 09:20 PM
The MTRC Club BOD asked that this forum be closed.

RC Admin


1. No member of MTRC, other than Bill and Mel, have been banned from RC. Those who have posted, on other forums, that they have are mistaken. If you follow a link to the previous MTRC forum, you'll get a message telling you that you have no permission to see what you're trying to see. That doesn't mean you've been banned, it means the forum isn't there anymore.

2. I've had no correspondence with Bill since the banning, other than receiving an email from him entitled "sorry *** bastards." The email wasn't replied to. All correspondence between Mel and myself was posted, in real time, for the rest of the RC staff's review.

3. I see that Bill and Mel are doing their best to cover their backsides so here's a complete timeline:

Bill and another RC member had a dispute over a sale. It got ugly and both sides were told to drop it and take their argument offline:



Bill, decided that didn't apply to him and posted the following, and got a temporary ban.


After Bill got himself banned, Mel gave him his password (Mel has confessed this to me in an email) and he posted in this thread using Mel's account:


Bill, then posted the following in the MTRC forum, also using Mel's account:

"Please go to the Club site MTRC.org for an Important message that effects all members

The message posted on MTRC contained the following as of 5/30/2011 @12:17 MDT:

We have left RC for Good

This is to Ask all MTRC members to stick together and do not continue to post on the MTRC Forum on RC! We have moved over to ******** and have two new Forums both Public and Private for members only. As a Board we have decided to literally blow up RC so as to insure that everyone makes the move to ******** as we all wanted for quite some time. Let me be clear as to Blow up, What I mean is for it to be closed and this will be done very soon. So it was important to insure all are aware of what has and will happen
I know that some may not be Famaliar with this site but it is every bit as good as RC without all the Mod interference in our business as we will be self Moderated on clay-boa and have many Perks that we are not allowed on RC

RC has been totally unfair to poolkeeper and without his ability to post this is a must do sitiuation, And a show of Support to your Fearless Leader Hehehehe.
Rick is in the Process of E-Mailing all paid members a message as to the move also and he is the one to contact for Access to the Private site we have at our Disposal. It is already up and Running awaiting your arrival. I hope you will enjoy are new found Freedom as much as we are proud to announce it for the Club.

Mel/CC poolkeeper"

According to the email from Mel, this was also Bill and apparently there was no vote involved, (Mel's words), it was Bill acting alone.

Any time a club's BOD, governing body or club officer posts their intent to leave RC or do it harm, we're going to do what's necessary to prevent that. Expressing his desire to "blow up the forum" on RC, on a publicly accessible website, is going to get a forum shut every time. Whether anyone contacted us directly to request the closure is moot. The desire was expressed.

RC has no issue with any of the other members of MTRC. We do have, however, a problem reopening the forum with the MTRC BOD in it's current state. That said, should the MTRC membership decide to form a new club or take the necessary steps to distance themselves from the current BOD, we have no issue restoring the forum and all of it's posts. All that needs to happen is a dialog, as has been started with several current MTRC members.

Ironically, we've been told that Bill and Mel have been censoring critical posts on the other forum. Ultimately, it's your club. If you're not happy with it's direction, change it.