View Full Version : Tracking down the right Green Clown Goby

06/13/2011, 03:25 PM
I emailed a couple of weeks ago and have left 2 phone messages since then, but I still haven't heard anything back. I just rang again and was yet again put though to the livestock manager's answer phone, but there seems little point in leaving another message, so I figured I'd try here instead.

I'd like to buy some livestock, but before I do I need to find out exactly which species of Green Clown Gobies you have, as the website is not clear. I'm specifically looking for a G. histrio; ie a bright green one with distinct red markings, like the picture on your website. Could you please let me know if these are indeed the ones you have in stock, rather than G. astrangulatus.

I'm happy to pay extra for your trouble or to buy one that's WYSIWYG. My main concern is getting the correct one.

Please let me know!
Thanks! :D

06/14/2011, 12:03 AM
Sorry for the communication issues, but I can assure you that we will take care of that immediately.

About the Green Clown Goby, we can get you exactly the one you want, Gobiodon histrio, just be sure to remind us on the customer notes section about our conversation. We do on occasion get the G. astrangulatus in, but for the most part we send the G. histrio.

Again, sorry for the communication issues, but thank you for your interest in our company.

Have a great day!

06/14/2011, 03:14 PM
Awesome thanks!!

Just submitted my order, can't wait to see the adorable li'l chap. :D

06/17/2011, 06:28 PM
Everyone arrived safe and sound today! The Green Clown Goby is stunning; exactly what I was after... AND you totally nailed it with the Hancocks Barnacle Blenny too! I've been looking for them for ages!

*Very happy customer* :D :D :D
Thank you so much!